How To: DIY Flower Crown 

 Hey guys!! I am literally obsessed with flower crown, they are so adorable but can be a little pricey. So for my first post, I’m going to teach you how to do DIY Flower Crown. Enjoy!! 

What you will need: 1. 🌺Fresh or fake flowers

2. 🌿Florists wire or covered wire

3. ⚓️Hot glue gun & extra glue sticks

4. 🔧Pliers or some kind of wire cutters & scissors

Step 1:  Pick Or Buy Fresh Or Fake Flowers. The beauty of making a flower crown is that you can use any type of flower you like. Stay true to the season by picking bunches of wildflowers from the side of the road, or go to a flower shop and choose gorgeous hothouse stems. To make this simple wired crown you can pick enough flowers to circle your entire head or just the sides and front.

          🌺If you want variety, choose flowers with large, medium and small blooms, so that the crown looks well balanced. For example, you could have gardenias, daisies and baby’s breath in the same crown.

          🌺To add some texture, consider including some fresh greenery, leaves, grasses, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

          🌺The same technique works just as well with silk or paper flowers.

Step 2: Cut the stems to 2 inches All the stems should be the same length, so that the finished crown will look neat with no stem ends visible.

 Step 3: Create the wire base take the wire measure around your head and pincr together where you ended. Then you twist the two wires together making the crown thrower and 1 piece instead of 2

Step 4: Attach the first flower to the taped part of the wire put that aside and take your flowers. Just pop them off the steam and cut of the excess steam off doesn’t pop out too much. Take your flowers and arrage them around the flower crown in design pattern. Make sure your glue gun is heated and start glueing your flowers down.

Step 5:    Wait. Wait for it until they dry, then your DIY flower crown is already done!! This is such a pretty and perfect DIY for spring. And it match with almost any outfit!


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