What To Bring: Camping series

 Hello amazing people! This time, my posting is talking around camping. So.. Next week I will go for camping, and I think I can make some tips for you guys. What you must and mustn’t bring.



1. 😴Sleeping bag

2. 💫Blanket(s)

3. ☁️Pillow(s)


1. 💙Ice / cooler

2. 🍖Some meats

3. 🍥Marshmallows

4. 💥Bbq fire starter

5. 🔪Spoon, fork, knife

6. 📛Cooking oil

7. 🍢Bbq grill

8. 🚨Thermos

Clothes👉🏻 bring more than one👈🏻

1. 👟Shoes

2. 👒Hat

3. 👕T-shirt / shirt

4. 👖Jeans / shorts

4. ❄️Jacket / cardigan / other

Other personal items 


1. 👓Galsses (if you wear)

2. 📓Pocket book

3. ✒️Pens

4. 🚿Bath soap .etc

5. 💊Personalized medicine


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