How To: Inspirational songs

Music is an amazing thing. Here’s some songs for you if you need something to inspire you.

πŸ’«by: @tipadventure (on instagram)


  • βœ–οΈ who says – selena gomez
  • βœ–οΈ best day of my life – american authors
  • βœ–οΈ dreaming – smallpools
  • βœ–οΈ fight sogns – rachel platten
  • βœ–οΈ see you again – wiz khalifa
  • βœ–οΈ walkashame – meghan trainor
  • βœ–οΈ bright – echosmith
  • βœ–οΈ brave honest beautiful – fifth harmony
  • βœ–οΈ budapest – george ezra
  • βœ–οΈ am i wrong – nico & vinz
  • βœ–οΈ shake it off – taylor swift
  • βœ–οΈ good feeling – flo rida
  • βœ–οΈ on top of the world – imagine dragons
  • βœ–οΈ roar – katy perry
  • βœ–οΈ people like us – kelly clarkson
  • βœ–οΈ brave – sara bareilles
  • βœ–οΈ flashlight – jessie j
  • βœ–οΈ it’s alright – charity vancen
  • βœ–οΈ thinking out loud – ed sheeran

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